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Dear Peter
A new version of Nodus Awards is now live and your site ( has been re-evaluated using our new criteria.

You have been awarded Silver!! (12 / 16) Congratulations!

We hope you like the 2010 version of Nodus Awards (feedback welcome) and congratulations once again Peter.

Warmest Regards
Nodus Awards

Erhalten am 09.01.2010

Nodus Award

Dear Peter Zinken
we have evaluated
Your site achieved an overall score of 64/100 and therefore qualifies for a Nodus Bronze Award. Congratulations!

Bronze is awarded to good websites and despite being the minimum level it must still be genuinely earned. Winning sites are of a good quality in most areas but lack a 'polished' feel in one or more areas. To gain this award the applicant(s) must score between 50 and 69 points.

We really liked the navigation, it allowed us to swiftly and easily move around the site. The page content is also well formated and easy to read. Please find a score breakdown and comments below.

Warmest Regards

Erhalten am 16.01.2009

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