Timelines Future Award

Timelines Future Award

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Dear Peter,
your site „Award History“ has been nominated for Timelines Future Award.
The evaluator team of Timelines Award Program is proud to award your site with Timelines Future Award.

Many of these indices have existed for some years, and unfortunately they are closed now. Peter Zinken has done an excellent job with his award history, it is a wonderful overview on the award community. This museum will exist in the future, because new indices and award programs always will come up.

You can navigate the history pages sorted by years, starting with 1998, going up to now, 2009. Most of all indices are featured with a short description, its graphic badges and a screenshot.
The collection of awardgraphics you can also navigate by year, starting with 1998. A sample awardgraphic is shown, and a bigger image opens in a new window. There are links to those award programs which are still active. You can see real masterpieces of award graphics.

You can find links to all current important German and international indices and campaigns.

Thank you for giving the World Wide Web such a beautiful site.
With best wishes
Timelines Awards

Erhalten am 16.06.2009

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